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Brošura Survivor Stories


Survivor Stories:
”Hearing the persons speak:
anonymised stories
from trafficked persons and victims of violence and their experience and views
on (re)integration process”

Story No.1

I was a second year nursing school pupil when I fell in love with a 5
years older man from my town. He did not have a job but he always had
money. After I had stayed pregnant, we got married and we started living
with his mother. I gave birth to a healthy boy and was very happy. I was
even getting along with my mother in law.
My husband was often away because he was in “some kind of business
». I felt that he had no desire to discuss his job with me so I asked no
questions. I have also noticed that my mother in law was worrying if he
stayed away longer. They would often argue but after my entrance in the
room, they would stop.
Once my husband stayed away for a whole week and my mother in law
went to ask about his whereabouts. She found out that he was arrested for
some sort of smuggling. He was sentenced on five years of imprisonment.
My mother in low has spent her entire savings on lawyers so that soon we
had no money left. I had to work by the day while my mother in law was
taking care of my son. We had a visit once. It was my husband’s “friend”. I have met him on
our wedding day. He suggested me to go to work to Italy where I would
earn enough money for the three of us until my husband’s release from the
prison. I arranged with my mother in law to go to Italy and she would look
after my son in the meantime.
So, I went with my husband’s “friend” and another three girls. The “friend”
asked us to pay him 500 DM each before the trip. Since I did not have
that much money he recommended me a man whom from I could borrow
the sum.
When we were near the borderline, he parked his car near an inn. There
was a friend waiting for him, they both went into the inn while we stayed in
the car. After they had left the inn, he told us that we would cross the border
much easier with his friend and he would join us on the other side. We
have exchanged the cars but all of our belongings were in my “friends” car.
We have crossed the Hungarian border with no problems because the
visa was not required. My husband’s “friend” was not waiting for us on the
other side and the driver drove on without stopping. We asked him about
the man who took us to the border and about our belongings. He simplylaughed and told us that he knew nothing about it and that his job was to
take us to Belgrade.
On the Hungarian Yugoslav border, our driver came out the car and
started talking with the customs officer. We entered the customhouse so
we did hear their conversation. After the driver had returned to the car, he
told us that he had settled everything and that we were continuing our
When we came to Belgrade, our driver took us to some motel that was
under construction. There were, already, round 20 girls. A Ukrainian girl
among them informed us that we were actually “sold” and that we will
work in the nightclubs. She told us about the time she had tried to escape
and seek help with the police. Police officer, instead of helping her, had
taken her with the police car back to very hotel. “Learn to live with the fact
that there is no way out” she said.
Next day, we, the “new ones”, were taken to a separate room where we
were ordered to undress ourselves naked. They picked up and taken our
cloths away. They photographed us naked and then brought us new cloth
to dress ourselves.
Third day on my arrival in Belgrade a man showed up. He took three
Romanian girls and me with his car. We drove to some country inn wherehe parked.

He went out and ordered us not to come out the car whatever
the reason. He went to the inn and soon came back with a man. He told us
that this man would take us across the river by a boat.
When we entered the boat, the man ordered us to lie down and then he
covered as with some sort of tarpaulin. Then he paddled towards the other
riverbank and under the tarpaulin, I secretly peek out. All I was able to see
was anglers on the riverbank. The boat stopped on the other side. We were
surrounded with trees and bushes. We had to wade through water and
mud. Behind the trees and bushes there was a car waiting for us. The man
who took us across the river ordered us to get into the car while he and the
car driver went behind the bushes. Shortly the driver returned and took
us to a house with the sign “Night Club” in front of the house. The “Boss”
was waiting us inside the house. He told us that he had “bought” us and
that each of us was 3000 DM worthy. He also told us that we “owed” him
that money and that we would have to do everything he orders in order to
pay up out “debt”. After we pay up our debts, we can go wherever we want

or we can continue to work at his place for our own interest. He showed
us passports with our photographs inside but with different names. I was
Natasha. I was told to use that name in future and to forget my real name.

There were three girls already working in the bar. Three waiters were
also there and the girls were very afraid of them. They were talking to each
other only if waiters were absent. They confirmed our biggest fear that we
would have to sleep with the guests.
Waiters took us took us upstairs to the first floor and gave us new cloth
to wear. Even though we were exhausted, they told us that we would have
to come down to the bar in the evening. After the night fell, we had to
come down to the club and dance one by one around a “stick” on the podium
so that the guests could see us. The girls from the bar were happy. That
night they did not have to work. They were able to sit all night and drink
with guests. Guests took only the “new meat” to the rooms because they
wanted to try new merchandise.
I slept with six different men that same night. The bar was full. Very
exhausted I managed to fall a sleep at down. A waiter woke me up and
ordered me to come down to lunch. Other girls were already at the table.
We had a plate of thick soup with a peace of bred. He explained that it was
to prevent us from gaining weight. While we were eating our thick soup,
the “boss” with waiters was eating roast beef with salad at the bale next to
ours.Few days after there were a police raid. The four of us were still not registered
with the police so they hidden us at the attic. The attic was terribly
cold and we were naked. We stayed there until tomorrow noon with no
water or food. We were not to raise our voices because “boss” threatened
to sell us to Albania. When the waiters came to attic, they said that they had
simply forgotten about us. One of the girls protested and the waiter beaten
her up in front of us.
Sometimes we had SFOR soldiers as guests. We were looking forward to
them. They have always ordering a lot to drink and the boss was giving us
a 1 DM of commission for each drink guest would order.
After a month, I managed to save 50 DM and I wanted to send that money
to my mother in law. Other girls wanted to send the money too. “Boss”
ordered the waiters to take us to a grocery shop across the street. The waiters
photographed us behind the counter. Later they gave us the photos
and advised us to write that we were working in the grocery shop. I wrote
a letter to my mother in law and put the photograph in the envelop. One
of the waiters drove us, one by one, to the post office to send the letter and
the money.
The girls who have The girls who have already worked there were in that bar for over a year.
They have paid their “debt” a long a go and now the “boss” owed them money. One of them – Alona even expressed the desire to go home. The “boss”
had no objections. Few days later, a man came and brought a new girl. The
“boss” told us that that man would take Alona to Belgrade.
After they were gone, new girl told us that she did not believe his story.
Her former “boss” had also promised her to take her home and she ended
up at this place. She was convinced that Alona and she were simply
exchanged between their “bosses”. She was in Bosnia for two years now.
Moreover, during that time she had suffered a lot. She was disappointed
and according to her the only way out was a suicide. I thought that it would
be best to kill myself immediately. Then I thought of my son and rejected
the idea.
I tried to be “good” in order to avoid problems with “boss” and waiters.
That way I managed to save and sent my mother in law 30 DM each month.
I knew that with that money, my son will survive and that was a reason
enough for me to carry on.
A Ukrainian SFOR soldier was a guest at the bar. We spoke a lot and
made friends very soon. He told me about the organizations in Bosnia
which are helping girls to come home. It made me hope because I was
sure that there was no way out. My fellow compatriot promised me help.

One night he came to the Club and told me to get ready to follow him
out when he leaves the Club. So I did. He waited in the street. When I got
out, he called police with his cell phone. The police came and took me to a
Safe house. So my sufferings finally ended.

Story No.2

Jane Doe is my cousin and we live nearby. We were seeing each other
every day and we were very close. When her mother, for no apparent reason,
was confined to bed, she left school even though she successfully
finished the first grade of nursing school.
I was sad that she had to leave the school, and I knew that she was sad
too but that she had no choice.
Once she told me about a man who was working in Germany and
who paid them a visit. He was a stranger to me because he was from the
neighbouring village. He came to ask her mother to let her go to Germany
where she would baby-sit for his children. He promised to employ her later
in some factory.
Jane Doe was very excited for the given opportunity to leave the misery
which she lived in, but she was also sad to leave the mother behind, alone
and in terrible conditions. She confessed that her mother was “forcing” her
to go with words that she will “manage” without her.
The following days went by very quickly because Jane Doe had to obtain
the passport and to finish some other things. I think she went to get her
visa so I did not see much of her.
I remember the day when a big black car with German number plates

came for her. That very man with a woman and two small children was in
the car. She and her mother were crying as they were saying goodbye to
each other. She promised that she would write to me every day.
I believe that she wrote a single letter to her mother and it contained
nothing special. She wrote that she was fine and that her mother should
not worry for her.
We have not heard from her again. Her mother was sad; she was waiting
by her old house window and constantly crying. I did my best to console
and help her as much as I could. Her mother was upset at Jane Doe for not
contacting her.
After a year Jane Doe came back. How did she come back, I do not
know. She was terribly exhausted, thin and it was obvious that she was ill.

She spoke to no - one about what had happened to her. The following
day one of our relatives took her to hospital, where she spent more than
three months on treatment. I visited her twice but she had no desire to talk

about her illness, she suffered from lethargy, apathy with her eyes fixed
upon the distance. After she had returned from hospital she refused to leave
the house. It was pretty evident that she had no wish to communicate
with us. I was sure that something terrible had happened to her but I did
not know what. Only after a certain period of time I learnt from my aunt
which works at the hospital unit where Jane Doe was committed, that the
doctors had fought for her life because she suffered a severe case of sepsis
due to the unprofessional operations where her kidney and spleen were
removed. Unfortunately, Jane Doe still does not feel good, she is very thin
and pale, her appearance is changed and she suffers from extreme apathy.
She refuses to leave her house for days and she has never spoken about
the period of time she had spent in Germany. It feels like she lives in constant
fear of something or someone.
Even with all my efforts to interview Jane Doe, I have not succeeded
because she was refusing to meet me. I had a brief conversation with her
mother, but as soon as I have revealed the real nature of my visit, she said

that she had nothing to say and asked me to leave the house. I saw panic
and despair in her eyes.

Story No.3


Jane Doe was 16. She almost cannot remember of her childhood. Her
memories are connected with alcoholism of some family members who
were important in her growth. In the beginning of the war in Bosnia and
Herzegovina Jane Doe were forced to leave her native town. The period of
exile was very painful for her and her family. Her contacts with her mother
were very rare considering she was always busy. Father was as well occupied
everyday and he had not time to be parent or he just did not know
how to be one.
Jane Doe started her education. Parents often ignored her and she felt
abandoned. Her family life in exile was very difficult for her, everyone was
occupied with his/her own problems. As a little girl, Jane Doe had a responsibility
for hard life tasks. It seemed to her that she was growing old to fast
because she did all work which was not suitable for her age. Considering that
she did not have any parental control, she was left to her own resources.
Such family life last for years. Her family situation became worse after
coming home from exile. All family members expected that they would
have again normal life as it was before, that they would keep on living where
they stopped, but nothing was the same. Conflicts were they everyday
life. Especially hard communication was between her and her father because

her father started to have full control of his daughter. Sometimes
that control became isolation.
Besides of psychic harassment her father beat her often. Her fights with
father and emotional distance of her mother who was always busy led
that Jane Doe ran away from home. From that point, her parents could not
do anything. Jane Doe neglected her school engagement. Running from
home, she “met” new people with whom she spent much of her time. Persons
in her “company” were connected with drugs, crime and prostitution.
Jane Doe was too young to understand situation she was put. She thought
that those people were her friends and she could rely on them, even asked
them for a help if she needed it. However, that was not the truth.
One night, “friends” took her to the bar with excuse that they were
going on birthday party one of them. That was not their first out together,
so Jane Doe did not suspect anything. However, party was fatal for her. She
was brought to the bar were she was harassed physically and emotionallyand abused.

After that, unknown men abused her sexually. “Boss” of the
nightclub introduced himself to her as a friend and protector but instead
he took her underground.
Jane Doe was kept in the bar against her will. Abuse lasted for days. She
was taken also to another night clubs, where she was physically, emotionally
and sexually abused. She lost every hope it seemed to her that there
is no way out from the hell in which she was put. She suffered for days until
one night when police made raid. For Jane Doe that was salvation. She has
been placed to safe house on the secret location. She looked horrible. Her
condition was result of brutal abuse. She cried for days. In the safe house
she has been given psycho- social help and we are hoping that she will
manage to rehabilitate.


Story No.4

Police has finally arrested me along with other women who worked in
Peter’s brothel. We are arrested because we had no documents to stay in
Holland. It seems quite absurd that this arrest was my only chance to escape.
I felt extremely humiliated working as a “prostitute”, especially when I
had to work regardless of my illness, exhaustion or my periods. I was forced
to work as a slave deprived of any kind of dignity. I think that Peter should
be locked up for everything he did to me and to other women.
- My name is Kasija.
- I live with my mother and sister in Piortkow duchy.
- I am graduated hair stylist. It was very hard to find a job in my town.
- I needed the money because my life was difficult.
- My elementary school friend told me about a possibility to get a job
somewhere in Germany.
- She was talking about the job in kitchen, restaurant or something
like that.
- It was an ideal opportunity for my!!!
- My friend introduced me to two men.
- We crossed the state border in the evenings.

- One of them took my passport. He said that it was for safe keeping.
- We stopped near some motel to stay over night.
- I was locked in my room and told to take my close off.
- I was tied up to my bed.
- They raped me several times and one of them even took pictures.
- The following day we arrived to some big house.
- I had met there a girl from Poland called Eva. She told me that I was
sold to an exclusive club for men.
- There were a lot of women from Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine…
the club’s owner “bought” them and treated them as private property.
- After I had refused to come down to bar they beaten me up.
- They showed me pictures from the motel. They blackmailed me by
saying they would send the pictures to my mother, if I did not do what I
was told.

- One of them even stepped up to me and started kissing me.
- I nearly vomited! They were supervising my every move I knew that I
had to follow him up stairs.
- They kept me locked up.
- I was not allowed to go out. I did not have a passport.
- They said that if I tried to escape…. they would kill me and threw my
body into the river.
- They have also told me that there is no use in trying to call the police
because they are also bribed.
- What can a person do?
- What can I do?
Before you go…
If you come back…

Story No.5

It was a bit harder for me to write this sad story than other ones, for I
had an opportunity to meet this girl after all that what happened to her.
I expected to see a girl/woman – trafficking victim, BiH citizen, and I saw
a tiny under-age girl, a child, in fact. It was hard to listen her „story“, which
she did not want to share with anyone, and she did not want to remember
at all, just to forget... I did not force her at all, we just talked about „trivial
things“, and just got to know each other a bit. However, soon after these
our „trivial“ talks ended with her confession about all these things which
happened to her. The most difficult to her was to have a perception of
“shame” put on herself (which she did not deserve for any single reason)
and the feeling of “being marked“, which resulted with losing a will for living
and rather pessimistic view on her future.
We have had an opportunity to meet with “classic” jobs being offered
to girls through advertisements. It is about jobs of waitress, baby-sitter
etc. Sometimes it is not announced a type of job for which “young female
workers” are wanted. The most often it is about advertisements for future
actresses, singers, dancers, fashion models, etc for mainly non-existing
There is another, a „less known“ way of entering into sphere of private
and intimate life of not only a girl, but also of her closest family.
Scenario is mostly like the following:
“MAN” meets, charms and wins over a girl.
GIRL (usually under-age girl for it is easy to cheat her, and presently
it is the highest demand for them in the sex industry) falls in love with
man (it is mostly about men in their 30s).
“MAN” promises that he will marry her. It often happens that girl
loose her virginity with that particular man.
Then, they go to the trip to meet his parents (these girls often run
away from their homes)...
And then she disappeared without leaving any trace, at all. If we take
into account that the aforementioned men falsely present themselves while
avoiding to meet her parents or parents do not even know that their
daughter has a “boyfriend” at all, it gives them sufficient period of time to
hide or run away and complete the “job” as previously planned.
“Marguerite’s” story is very similar to this, we can say it for sure, disgusting
scenario. She was treated like an object, like any goods, and
moreover, she was “ordered” by a man who wanted to revenge to her
family. This event left such psychical and physical consequences that
will deeply follow her for sure for the rest of her lifetime.
Her first love did not only disappoint her, but also cheated and lied to
her. All was planned with the goal to kidnap and sell her. He was only an
agent and she was only a well-paid job to him. In addition to so much pain
and humiliation, she was treated like an object only, a thing and here it is
the conclusion – she is not worthy as a person, her thoughts and feelings
are not important at all she herself is insignificant. Given it was her very
first boyfriend, while not having any single earlier experience with men, a
message to her was quite clear – love does not matter.
Her «journey» to meet his parents ended in front of a house in surrounding,
completely unknown to her where they stepped in at his friend
to have a drink there. As she says, she felt that „something was not
at all ok“ at the time, but never thinking that everything would have
been ended like that. Entering the room with a few men sitting in, she
firstly learned that „her boyfriend“ presented falsely himself. Then she
recognized a man who „ordered“ her and only then understood how
deep the trap was she fall in. They kept her captured for a couple of
days and maltreating her in numerous ways. Firstly they made her to
drink an alcohol enormously, and for they were drugged themselves
they probably put a drug also in her drink. They were physically abusing
her and beating all over her body. In addition to bruises, hematoma
and pains, she experienced injuries of the internal organs. I was
amazed how she survived at all, given these five men were beating her
ruthlessly and repeatedly but her weight was only 50 kg. And all five of
them raped her repeatedly for several times each.
It is about „introductory demonstration“ of the power with the goal
to “train”, destroy, intimidate, humiliate, disgrace, impose a feeling of
total helplessness and fear in order to make her obedient in the future
while unquestioningly doing whatever is asked from her to do.
After numerous tortures, immeasurable suffering and pain, “SHE”
found a refuge and salvation, unlike many other girls having almost
identical life stories, but which would have never ever been written.
She managed to use an opportunity when one of her “jailers” fall
asleep and ran away.
If not so, the worst would have happen to her just like to thousands
of others, the most probably she would not be alive now...
Girls are usually sold abroad, which additionally makes their finding
much more difficult. However, over the recent period of time, traffickers
and their co-workers often keep girls in their country of origin. „Marguerite“
was far away from her city only an hour and half drive.
We can’t avoid asking ourselves how it is possible for a girl to disappear
without leaving a trace in our Bosnia and Herzegovina? Is it a consequence
of inefficiency of the police or „traffickers“ have become so highly profiled
in hiding traces, we could only assume that.
The problem of trafficking is unfortunately a reality in both Bosnia
and Herzegovina and the world. Non-understanding, inefficiency,
and sometimes inhuman society in terms of perception, understanding
and resolving of the trafficking, is proved in the best way by the
fact how journalists published all personal data of the aforementioned
girl along with all details of her case, but not a single word about
the perpetrators! They did not stop there, but even “published the interview”
that were allegedly made with her and all aimed at having
“media scandal”.
She has never ever been interviewed, I am sure, for at the time of
making this “interview“ she was only with me but no one else.
Unfortunately, it seems that B&H society has not been paying sufficient
attention to this problem yet. Many people consider trafficking as a form of
the prostitution and that it is „something that happens only to others but it
is so far away from us and our reality”.
Probably, the family of “Marguerite” was not aware that “something that
is far away from them” could have happened just to their own daughter!
Therefore, we put such a part of the title to this book It could be your daughter...
it is not only a slogan, but unfortunately it is one of harsh realities of
21st century, as showed by numerous studies conducted across the world.
Parents, as individuals, cannot eliminate this problem but they can protect
their children if they do the following: finally get educated about the
aforementioned problem, throw away the prejudices being too numerous
in our society, as well as, introduce their children and themselves about
the character and consequences of the human trafficking. And the most
importantly, they will create such relationship wherein children will not be
afraid to confide in their parents.
Schools, as the most important upbringing institutions, should even at
the level of primary education, introduce their pupils with this set of problems,
as well as, introduce them with ways how traffickers recruit new
girls, but boys, too.
How little bit parents really know about their own children and what
attitudes they have toward trafficking, it was showed to me by a gentleman
thinking probably the same way as most of the people living in Bosnia
and Herzegovina. Gentleman considered that among prostitutes there was
only a few of them who were cheated and get trapped and trafficked, and
when he was asked „What if your daughter find a boyfriend, not telling you
anything at all about that, run away with him but he eventually sells her
away then?“ his answer was that he provided a good upbringing to his daughter,
full of trustfulness and that she would have never ever lied to him.
But, the above true story was about “Marguerite“, who did not start to go
out with her female friends yet not to mention having any boyfriend at all!!!
We are aware of the fact that both good upbringing and parental
care have a major role in the personality building of their children,
but from the aforementioned example we reach the conclusion that
„troubles“ do not happen to „bad girls“ only!

Story No. 6
When she was 15, she was beaten by her mother and threw her out.
The reason was, one of her five brothers saw her talking with some soldier
through the fence. She was on the street on cold winter night, ragged,
half-naked, only in her socks. Since we were friends from the elementary
school, she came to me. I remember that night as one of the most horrible
nights in my life. Shrunken on the edge of my bed, with bruises, appeared
to me like she is crushed ball of a meat.
She disappeared with the first singes of morning. I did not see her
the next two years, and than she suddenly show up. She was wearing odd
provocative dress. She told me about horror she has been through on the
Zagreb railway station, were she gone after she had left my house. Conductor
was the first who raped her and than he was selling her to passengers.
She said that for some time she did not come out from the train. She disappeared
again and one day she phoned me from Italy.
For the third time we met accidentally met in Trst. She still looked like
Her big brown eyes were deep like Cairo gipsy. She was with some strange
old man. They seemed like grandfather and grandson. She married him.
Now she is living in Padova. The old man died when she was 27. He
left her large sum of money. She invested money in the building of Safe
house for young girls from Padova. Last year her mother died, her father
died earlier. Since she left home, she did not speak a word with her family
members. She would not want to come on funeral of her parents either.
She disowned her family publicly.
What is left for her? The job makes her happy, but as she says, “I am not a
woman, nor girl. I am nobody by the will of women who gave birth to me”.
Often, we talk a lot by phone. She is still working, saving girls with similar
destiny. That helps her to overcome her own tragedy.

Story No. 7
I am 26 years old.
I want to forget everything, but only after I tell my story… as if I want to
make sure …that perhaps I will be able to help you, not to fall into the same
trap. My Lord, I was 16 long time ago. .. I lived in a poor family together
with my brother and my two sisters, my father and mother. My mother was
some sort of conflict person.
I used to meet one nice woman on my way to school. She always had
something nice to say about me. She offered me to help in one café in taproom.
I was overjoyed with happiness. I worked Thursdays and Saturdays
and I received good pocket money for my work.
Later, she offered me to join her in Italy, where I would be able to earn
even more money.
I agreed, I got my parents’ approval and I joined my “aunt” in Italy.
My suffering started as soon as we entered the “promise land”.
That same evening, she “transferred” me to an older fat man. He tortured
me all night. I was a virgin …. and at dawn I was all covered with
wounds, bruises. Some “doctor” had to “sew” me up. She told me that my
condition was as if I had given birth to a baby, as if I was born that very
night to lead another life. To me it was dying.
I had an impression that I had stayed with that man for a longer period.
I stopped counting the days, months, I only counted the times I was forced
to have sex, then, and I stopped at 314. I used to look my reflection in the
mirror, how thin and ugly I was. Then I changed the “owner”.
The fat man, they called him Tony, “sold” me to other town.
I was dancer and a prostitute in a night bar …. until I was exhausted.
I lived in a constant fear that I would be killed, because they threaten
me that if I even tried to complain … I would “disappear”. I watched my
“girlfriends” from all over the world in bruises. Some of them had simply
Sometimes I wanted to do the same, and sometimes I accepted my destiny….
My body was in a terrible condition and my sole died long time ago. As
my physical appearance changed, my status changed. I left the bar for the
street and that was my only job. My body was covered with cigarette-stub
marks, it was full of cuts. My body was destroyed. I no longer had fillings for
my family in Bosnia. I only wanted to die, but I had no courage to take my
own life. I was only 26 years old but I felt old.
I was “picked up” by police during one police action. I found myself in
a police station. I asked them for help. They placed me in a Safe House. A
told Pierra everything I went through. She promised help, help to return to
Bosnia. She said that she contacted one woman’s NGO.
I returned.
I was lucky… I was not alone. I had help, understanding, education and
Today, I am, so it seems, a normal person. I have my “small” business;
I have my friends. I even got my feelings back. I am even capable to help
others who are in need.
My name is...

Story No. 8
We received very unusual letter from the bar above Bihac. Four girls
with foreign names signed it – or it was their nicknames. By handwriting, it
could be concluded that the letter wrote elementary school stature child.
The girls were closed in the room next to the bar and released outside
only after midnight
They would walk around the bar and sat to the rich men in the lap. After,
they would go with them in the room with big bed next to the bar. “Boss”
Prsan charged sexual services of the girls.
“Boss’s” family lived on the next flour of the house. He had a wife and the
child, son in the wheelchair. As far as we know, son wrote to us the letter by
persuasion of his mother. Mother was jealous on one of the girls with who
Persan lived and gave expensive presents.
The rest of the girls, as well as the Prsan family, lived on butter and bread.
Wife decided report everything tour organization and to the Ministry
of Internal Affairs through her immovable son. She was probably scared.
Boss Prsan also had a trailer on the hill Gorjevac, in the wood where the
girls occasionally “worked” for 30 KM. big bed next to the bar cost 50 KM.
Thanks to this profitable “business”, Prsan started to get rich very soon.
He lived luxuriously and bought things and objects, which were very expensive.
On the contrary, girls were frightened and hungry.
Action of the Ministry of Interior Affaires took place, after we received
the letter. Girls who were set free were bought in Serbia. They origin were
from Moldova. Boss Prsan paid 500 000 KM for five girls. He brought 4 girls,
one escaped. Their voyage from Moldova to Serbia is not familiar to us.
Boss Persan is now in the prison as well as his lover. Other girls are deported
to their homes. Two of them were under age.

Story No. 9
It is a wonderful feeling to help those in trouble. Sometimes, we feel an
urge to help other, but we have no possibility to do so… and stay empty
and disappointed. BUT once someone enables us to do so, just like donors
enabled ZENA BIH, then it is the right thing. Then there are no obstacles for
us and nothing can stop us not even the cases of the highest risk possible,
life-threatening one. .
It was just another springtime and sunny day but quite ordinary one for
us in ZENA BIH. And then we received the telephone call from the Canton
and police station with whom we signed the Protocol on providing comprehensive
assistance to victims of violence quite normal two days before.
They asked whether we could place a woman with three children at our
Safe house and that they were victims of an abuser who shot a policeman,
who was put in prison for several times and presented a real fear and fright
for everyone around.
We placed the woman with children and soon after we placed the
mother of abuser, too.
Entire ZENA BIH team immediately got fully engaged in the case.
Woman suffered from violence for 12 years, while constantly reporting
violence to the police, center for social welfare, but no one was able to help
her at all. She lost her confidence in the institutions in their place of living.
She told us such shocking stories that ‘frosted our blood’. She said that she
strongly wished to get out of that marriage. Then we asked her if she was
willing to cooperate with the police and investigative organs, because that
was the only way to initiate things.
So, we promptly started with legal, psycho-social treatment and made
individual plans for each person individually.
For woman, mother of the abuser we took over a series of administrative
actions , opening a new bank account for her pension to be received
at her account but not as earlier to be received by other persons like it was
For children we organized their studying, according to their curriculum
for it was too dangerous for them to attend the school.
For woman, wife of the abuser, following her voluntary cooperation with
the investigative organs, we worked on her empowering and regaining self-confidence,

assistance in divorce process for children to be allocated to
mother afterwards etc.
After six-month hard work and our numerous travels to their place of
living in order to have a meeting and/or negotiations there, transport for
them to attend the court discussions to the Canton where they belong
and numerous other activities, in the end it was settled the divorce along
with the verdict of allocating children to their mother.
We helped them in attending the exams for their classes because they
could not attend the regular educational process in their schools, we helped
for this entire family to move out to another country, neighboring one.
Our letters of recommendation from the Safe house for the police from
another country to help this victim and her children if necessary, were fully
respected, they had their protection at the time, as well as, nowadays.
Given the neighboring country is well-structured, the woman received
many benefits as a self-supporting mother with three children, so according
to the fresh information gained two day ago, from her personally, she
along with her children live quite well finally.
They were so grateful to us that we felt a bit embarrassed even for listening
so many words of gratitude, but we, ZENA B&H are so much grateful
to donors because without your kind financial help to our activities and
work of the Safe house surely we would have not been able to help this
Entire family of five members from this story has completely changed
their lives thanks to our concrete help. Life full of violence, fear, uncertainty,
bruises, stress, nights with no sleep at all, and only after a half of the year
they began with a brand new chapter in their lives.
Nowadays, they live the life they dreamed of, new surrounding and new
friends, it seems to them that a Sunshine is somehow new one for it better
‘heats’ them now than before. Children took part in extra-curriculum activities,
they travel, take part in various competitions, they finally laugh and
We express our deep gratitude to donors for support to our organization
to be able to provide those in needs with a safe shelter, where able to
heal their wounds and wherefrom we could create new perspectives and
vision of the life without violence together with them.

Story No. 10
A girl addressed to us by phone, asking whether we could place her in
our Safe house. She was from Bosnia coming to work in Mostar (Herzegovina),
and she had no place to sleep over etc. We explained to her that the
Safe house was not designated for such a purpose and that she could find
a cheap accommodation somewhere else in Mostar....
Then she made another phone call to us, repeatedly again and again....
and finally said very desperately: Please, help me!
It was a sign to us that she was in trouble, then I promptly asked her
where she was located precisely at that moment and she explained that it
was about a restaurant and gave a precise address.
I told her to wait for me and that we would be there in some 15 minutes.
When we arrived we saw a 20-year old girl, rather pretty and very scared.
Someone from the bus station brought her there and left her with a promise
that she would work therein. Immediately upon her return, she saw that
it was about a troublesome place.
We took and placed her in our Safe house. Our Team revealed that she
was sexually abused by her father, and trafficked by her employer afterwards,
then she ran away from him, but then she was searching for her because
of her debt of 5.000 BAM, which he lost because of her ‘disobedience’.
For full 11 months, our Team was completely devoted to this girl. Through
the rehabilitation and work with our psychologist, she told us terrible
stories about her life. There were intertwined various forms of violence and
human trafficking in her case.
She left our Safe house feeling empowered and self-confident.
We found her a job of her profession and while she was working there
we were constantly in contact with her. Unfortunately, that firm stopped
its work in the meantime. Then she found a job by her own, but through
our project “Economic empowering of women, victims of all kinds of violence“
we educated her practically in concretely for doing that job. We
are permanent mentors to her in all segments of her life, naturally, only
following her willingness for doing so.
We will not leave her never ever. We have remained to be her support
for everything she would need and it is very important to her as she does
not have any kind of support from her parents at all.

The working principle for us in ZENA BIH is that we bring both professionalism
and emotions into our work. It is the request coming from our heart
and it proved as the best and the most efficient way for our beneficiaries.




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